Focus on the Internet: The Long Term Ecological Research Program.

The use of the Internet by the Long Term Ecological Research Program was highlighted in Chapter 1 pages 19 – 25 of Earth Online 1e. LTER’s goals are:

  • Understanding: To understand a diverse array of ecosystems at multiple spatial and temporal scales.
  • Synthesis: To create general knowledge through long-term, interdisciplinary research, synthesis of information, and development of theory.
  • Information: To inform the LTER and broader scientific community by creating well designed and well documented databases.
  • Legacies: To create a legacy of well-designed and documented long-term observations, experiments, and archives of samples and specimens for future generations.
  • Education: To promote training, teaching, and learning about long-term ecological research and the Earth’s ecosystems, and to educate a new generation of scientists.
  • Outreach: To reach out to the broader scientific community, natural resource managers, policymakers, and the general public by providing decision support, information, recommendations and the knowledge and capability to address complex environmental challenges. (Source: LTER Network

The LTER continues to do an excellent job of disseminating information and facilitating research and education via the Internet. The Long Term Ecological Research Network web site is:

[Top photo: Niwot Ridge Colorado LTER Site. Courtesy Michael Ritter]
[Bottom photo: Cedar Creek Minnesota LTER Site. Courtesy NSF – Source]

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