Google Notebook

I do a majority of my work online and like to have access to all my documents and notes from wherever I’m working. Companies embracing the Web 2.0 revolution are producing applications that have fulfilled my needs for the most part. One of the most useful tools is Google Notebook. I can make as may notebook as I need for different projects and fill them with notes and clippings from web pages. A very nice feature is an extension app for my Firefox browser that lets me grab and save notes quickly from any web page.

To get started with Google Notebook you’ll need a free Google account. Once you have established your account go to start creating your online notebooks. Near the top of the Notebooks page you’ll find a link to install the helper app. Once installed you’ll see a link at the bottom of your browser that says “Open Notebook”. Watch this video to see how you can create new notes by clipping bits from a web page.

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Earth and Environmental Systems podcast

podcasts_icon0.jpgProfessor Christian Shorey of the Colorado School of Mines has is podcasting his course lectures for “Earth and Environmental Systems” (SYGN101). Podcasts presently available cover a wide range of topics from rock types, plate tectonics, climate change, to ecology, and intelligent design. Links to subscribe to the podcast through iTunes is provided.

A highly recommended resource for any introductory geoscience course.

SYGN 101 Earth and Environmental Systems Podcast Page

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Juicy Geography’s Google Earth blog


Juicy Geography’s Google Earth blog is a wonderful service provided by Noel Jenkins, an Advanced Skills Teacher working in the South West of England. The blog is a place for Mr. Jenkins to share lesson ideas, supported with user guides and other materials. He is the originator of the Juicy Geography site, the first site to publish lessons incorporating Google Earth.

Recent posts include:

Real time weather in Google Earth

Fieldwork with Google Earth GPS and video – some thoughts

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