Live Hurricane Hunter Missions in Google Earth

Hurricane hunters are the “eyes in the sky” for those studying and forecasting hurricanes. The folks over at the Google Earth Blog describe how you can follow live hurricane recon missions, or see the results from recent missions using Google Earth. Check it out.

For more information about hurricane hunters see:

The Physical Environment Textbook links: Hurricanes

Hurricane Hunters
Courtesy Discovery News

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UNEP – Amazon Deforestation in Google Earth

Description provided by the site: “Compare historical images to learn about deforestation of the Amazon.
Use images from the past 30 years to compare the difference in forest coverage in the Amazon forest of Brazil, courtesy of the United Nation Environment Programme’s Atlas of Our Changing Environment layer in the “Global Awareness” folder in the “Layers” Panel in Google Earth.”

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Podcast – “Water Drops: All About H2O”

SUNY-ESF and renowned hydrologist Peter Black present a 5-set series of 90-second podcasts covering all aspects of water, “Science/Hydrology”, “Government, Law, & Organizations”, “Culture/History”, and “Management/Policy”. Podcasts are available at iTunesU. Titles include:

iTunes for OS X or Windows required. Get it here.

The Physical Environment textbook links: “The Hydrosphere”

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