Tweeting Geoscience

twitter_logoTwitter has become a phenomenon in the Web 2.0 universe. As many know, Twitter is a social messaging and microblogging site for staying connected to people in near-real time. Users send “tweets”, text-formatted posts of 140 characters in length to “followers”. Followers subscribe to these Twitter feeds, getting regular updates on their computers and smart phones. Twitter had been dominated by tech savvy Gen-Xers, Millennials, celebrities and well-known politicians like President Obama. The social networking site has experienced an explosion of subscribers using the service for a variety of different purposes.

Those in the geoscience community have found Twitter a useful way to keep other informed.  Earth science – related professional and governmental organizations are using Twitter to keep the public informed of late breaking developments related to their missions. For example, NOAA’s OceanExplorer ( ) uses Twitter to broadcast updates to its site, announce new programs, highlight articles in which NOAA projects are discussed. In academia, professors can “tweet” when they are in their offices and accessible to colleagues and students.

Below is a list of Twitterers related to geoscience and what they are tweeting.

Type of Tweets: Program announcements, news, answers to USGS Frequently Asked Questions.

USGS News:
Type of Tweets: News from the USGS

USGS Earthquake:
Type of Tweets: recent earthquake activity

NASA Earth Observatory:
Type of Tweets: Imagery added to their site, site updates, new articles

Type of Tweets: News articles

Science Dailybot:
Type of Tweets: News fed from ScienceDaily, a premier online new source.

AEG Arizona:
Type of Tweets: News links, conference announcements

The GIS Forum:
Type of Tweets: GIS in the new, workshop announcements, data resources, applications

Type of Tweets: Geology job postings

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