USGS Multimedia Gallery RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a way for content providers to send web site updates to users. Users can subscribe via a newsreader or, as I do, add them to a personal web portal page like iGoogle. The user’s feed reader is updated with the latest information as new material is added by the content provider. The USGS uses a variety of social media and RSS to push out late-breaking news, research notes,  and a host of other information. Their Multimedia Gallery ( feeds are particularly useful for teachers looking for materials to use in their courses. The gallery RSS feed alerts subscribers to new media as its added to their collections. Collections currently include:

DOI Recovery
Natural Hazards
Climate Change
USGS Museum
Natural and Man-made Structures
Native American and Tribal Activities
USGS Libraries
Employees at Work
USGS Wallpapers
Biologic and Environmental Contamination

Most items in the gallery are in the public domain.

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