Physical Geography Podcast

podcastI am developing a set of podcasts for introductory physical geography. These are mostly aimed at procedures used in most introductory physical geography lab courses. They are free to download and use.

View them at my site or download free from the iTunes store

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Podcast – “Water Drops: All About H2O”

SUNY-ESF and renowned hydrologist Peter Black present a 5-set series of 90-second podcasts covering all aspects of water, “Science/Hydrology”, “Government, Law, & Organizations”, “Culture/History”, and “Management/Policy”. Podcasts are available at iTunesU. Titles include:

iTunes for OS X or Windows required. Get it here.

The Physical Environment textbook links: “The Hydrosphere”

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Geoscience and iTunesU

If you have not checked out iTunesU I suggest you do so. There are several very good podcasts related to topics in geoscience that can be used in your courses if you’re an instructor or provide additional information if you’re a student. Download iTunes for Windoze or OS X, go to the iTunes store, click on the iTunesU link in the upper left corner, and start exploring. The Yale science podcast has some very interesting material. Or check out offerings from PBS, like KQED Science : “Science of Big Waves” or “Earthquakes: Breaking New Ground”. Oh, it’s all free too!

Get iTunes at:

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Earth and Environmental Systems podcast

podcasts_icon0.jpgProfessor Christian Shorey of the Colorado School of Mines has is podcasting his course lectures for “Earth and Environmental Systems” (SYGN101). Podcasts presently available cover a wide range of topics from rock types, plate tectonics, climate change, to ecology, and intelligent design. Links to subscribe to the podcast through iTunes is provided.

A highly recommended resource for any introductory geoscience course.

SYGN 101 Earth and Environmental Systems Podcast Page

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Free podcasts from National Geographic.

Podcasting is a means of distributing multimedia files over the Internet using syndication feeds. Associated with Apple’s ubiquitous media player the iPod, podcasts are designed to be played on mobile devices. National Geographic has created a number of free audio and video podcasts.

Description from the site:

“Download the latest nature and science news, eye-opening photography, audio travel guides, classic video clips, world music coverage, and wild animal adventures with National Geographic’s free podcasts.”

Visit the site.

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