Investigating Glacial Landforms with Google Earth

“Investigating Glacial Landforms with Google Earth”  is a beta version of an assignment used in my totally online and hybrid introductory physical geography courses.

Investigation Glacial Landforms with Google Earth

Purpose: To apply a basic understanding of glacial process, and analytical tools for landform identification.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the exercise you should be able to:

  • Identify typical alpine and continental glacial landforms from aerial photographs and topographic maps.
  • Explain the origin of typical of glacial landforms through the use of analytical tools.

See: Investigating Glacial Landforms with Google Earth. Assignment submission forms are included. Comments appreaciated.

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Juicy Geography’s Google Earth blog


Juicy Geography’s Google Earth blog is a wonderful service provided by Noel Jenkins, an Advanced Skills Teacher working in the South West of England. The blog is a place for Mr. Jenkins to share lesson ideas, supported with user guides and other materials. He is the originator of the Juicy Geography site, the first site to publish lessons incorporating Google Earth.

Recent posts include:

Real time weather in Google Earth

Fieldwork with Google Earth GPS and video – some thoughts

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Implementing a "Weekly Web Link" Assignment

“Staying up-to-date with current events should be an important goal for students, especially in their chosen field of expertise, but busy schedules may not permit them to do so. This also applies to educators with heavy teaching loads and busy schedules beyond the confines of their offices. Instructors can promote currency of news events in their students by implementing a “Weekly Web Link” assignment in their courses. Submitting a weekly web link can serve several purposes beyond keeping abreast of current events.”

Read article at: Teaching with Technology Today

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